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Nature Based Work

You may feel that having counselling in an office or online is not for you and that you would prefer to be outdoors in nature, walking through woodland and open spaces or being seated by trees and immersed in the beauty of nature. 


As a qualified eco-psychologist, I offer nature-based counselling. We work with nature, drawing on its capacity to soothe and heal while exploring and understanding your feelings and thoughts, the patterns in your life that you may feel are holding you back and the dilemmas or decisions that you may be facing.


Whilst outdoors, we may see the difficulties you are experiencing mirrored through metaphor, plants, animals and feelings arising from being in nature. We may use therapeutic practices such as mindfulness in nature or creating something in nature that has meaning or symbolism for you. And between sessions, you are also offered some bespoke reflective eco-therapeutic practices which offer further therapeutic benefit. 


All of this gives us rich ground to explore and deepen your understanding of your self, your relationships, and sense of belonging in the world and to make the potential changes you wish to. 

Throughout, I ensure that our outdoor sessions are safe, contained as much as possible, confidential and therapeutic for you. We discuss all of these factors before our first session as they are important and different to the dynamics of working in an office practice. 


You can find out more about sessions and fees here

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